About IndiaShoppers

Indiashoppers.in is being built by 2 Veteran having more than 10 years with a vision to make shopping experience to Indian consumers in a new ways with ‘smart shop and save more’ concept. We believe to give best platform where our user can find all products and services such as travel, lifestyle, apparels, electronics and this list go on, which will be available at single place.

With best service oriented mind set we are trying to give you latest Coupons & Offers from all online retailers available in each category.

Why to choose IndiaShoppers.in for your shopping needs?

Joining Free of Cost

You can create your account with us without any money it will be free of cost. During complete life time you will not be asked to pay any joining fees in any ways.

Amount of Earning through Cashback

Through the earning from our retailer we always try to give majority of share in cashback when you make a purchase through Indiashoppers.in, we will be leading partner in this industry for gaining trust of user by all means. We are charging at the least in the market amounting to Rs. 90 only for nominal processing & account maintenance fee at every Rs. 1000/- cashback redeemed which is least in the Industry.

Latest Discount Coupons

Indiashoppers.in brings you latest & exclusive discount vouchers and Coupons which is being used to earn direct cashback with us instantly which will be your actual saving to user. Our team trying constantly bringing you the best offers.

Right to choose

We are giving complete authority to our user to use your cashback earned in any manner like you can choose it to get into online bank transfer or redeem the cash in your Indiashoppers account through the following options:

  • • Mobile/DTH Recharge
  • • Gift vouchers of top stores available

Full Range of Stores

Indiashoppers bring you the complete range of online retailers by which we try to help you having to save on almost anything

Exclusive Offers

As due to long experience and big network availability of Indiashoppers, our team will brings to you complete online retailer’s exclusive offers, which you won't find anywhere else before us.

Great Experience of Indiashoppers Services

Our moto is to provide an efficient and beneficial shopping experience which will attract you to bring here again. You can see your earning in your panel by the first purchase itself, in case if it is visible to you, you can ask us by sending your enquiry to us, while we aim to respond to every help ticket within 48 hours.

Advertisements (No Spam)

We know that your inbox is full with third party advertising always which we can understand how annoying it is. We will offer you best advertisement only based upon your behavior and shopping pattern with us as retailer is prepared to offer you great savings.

Industry Trusted Brand Image

We always try our best to give you a highest professional standards service which can keep your each information with us in stringent security measures.

Welcome at Indiashoppers and find the ways to make smart shopping.

Contact Us

Customer Care

If you are having any issue or query for which you wish to reach us then you can right us support@indiashoppers.in

India Shoppers Customer Support

Our complete system of customer care is being framed in such a way that your all queries will be answered in short time. As per Indiashoppers.in vision our motto is to provide you an awesome customer service, It could be a case when you will have to express dissatisfaction with our products, services, staff or policies.

In case there is anything which is related to products, services or policies you can visit to FAQ section, Most of the answers for your most common questions is available there which is being asked by our customers.

We are pretty sure that you will find the answer to your query, but still if you don’t, please feel free to contact us and we promise we will do our best to resolve your concern.

You can also ensure that our team will be able to address your query effectively, please quote the reference number provided to you by the Customer Service Representative.

Other Enquiries

Contact Us mukulnagwan@gmail.com

Our Address:

746 A, JMD Megapolish, 7th Floor
Sector - 48, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
Haryana - 122001

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

Indiashoppers.in always believes into value of users privacy for which make each effort to keep every user personal information secure at all times.

Here about Privacy Policy talks about all that information which we have taken from you while making registration or using our products and time to time, how we may use it, permission given by choosing its use and whether we share it with any third party. In regards to the same you can share your all queries or concerns regarding this policy, you may contact the Support centre.

An Overview

At Indiashoppers.in all the information we have grabbed will be used on to make you service well for cashback processing, customer support and various other services.

From here, words used "We" and "us" refers to Indiashoppers.in. "Retailers" refer to online merchants, stores and businesses affiliated with us.

What data/ Information we take from user:

Personal Information

At the time of making signup with Indiashoppers, we ask for complete name along with and email address. Through which we also try to take your IP address for security purposes. As you are aware by using your email address we try to make a seamless communication between you and us.

Whereas other information are entirely optional, which will be used to make our engagements with you time to time by providing our details or other information like the information are include date of birth, age, phone number, sex and personal interests.

By using these details received, we can understand more about you and which are enabling us to serve you better too.

Highly Sensitive Details

In our system, we have given option to choose of Wire Transfer for collecting Cashback. For which we need your bank account details such as bank account number and the IFSC code of your bank branch. We also keep your complete mailing address in case you opt for cheque to redeem your cashback.

Site Usage Details

We are keep a tab on each of your click or movement at our site, where keeping this log we can contribute to our research and analysis and help us to enhance our layout, design and user interface. By keeping this click log we also trying to keep cashback balance updated, as your clicks to retailer pages can ensure us about all tracking history for any purchase happened. While making your purchase through us information about credit/debit card number or any other information are being made at our affiliated retailer's website which is not being kept at us. So we never use or store these kind of personal information if it is to be stored then it will be kept for special means or purpose, not stated in our privacy policy. In this case, we will seek your prior consent before using your personal details.

Information Sharing

At any point of time, we never revealed or share your personal details to any other company or third party until unless you may specifically give us your consent to do so. We try to share information only subjected to relevant only which requires to retailer in order to validate or track your cashback earnings. Its only being related to that level which can assist us in our various business processes.

Also in case as per GOI, if information requires to be shared as per Law, or receive a valid request by a law enforcement or government authority, only in such case it will be shared to respective authority.

In any time if we will go for merger or any acquisition of Indiashoppers.in, you would be duly notified about the change of ownership status or use of your personal information.

Cookies Information

We also place cookies while you are visiting us which is a small pieces of data which enclose information will be stored by the user's browser on the hard drive. Though this information is not useful for user by its be requires to us but it cannot be accessed by any other website.

Cookie Usage

Through cookies placed we can track your purchases on retailer's website and calculate your cashback amounts. All the information about sales through us can be tracked through cookies at retailer, with this we can understand about exact timing of the purchase and other relevant details.

Apart from tracking we can also use these Cookies to understand your preferences, so we can present you offers best suited to your needs.


Keeping your entire personal information is one of prime moto of Indiashoppers.in and its also a main concern of user too. We ensure by all best possible means that your personal information remains secure and protected at all times. You each information shared with us will be kept stored on secure servers with restricted internal access. In this era, we are trying our best but still we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your information as complete security of information during transmission is virtually impossible.

In any case you are getting some issue or concern on it, you may feel free to contact our support centre.

Updating Account Information and Mailing Settings

Time to time we are giving information to our Family members about periodic updates like new offers, coupons and other services of your interest. In case you don’t wish to get such emails, so we give you the option of limiting our communications with you as per your needs. Some communications that are critical to the cashback service can never be opted out. We never send you junk emails or spam.

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