Best Air Conditioners in India !

on May 01, 2019

For every household using n AC is one of the major components of the electricity bill. If you are someone who is worried about high electricity bills this summer due to Air conditioners then you should consider purchasing energy efficient AC model. There’re many different brands and model available in the Indian Market. Everyone wants to buy the best AC for their need but for this, you require performing some research. One should also consider what kind of AC they wish to buy whether they want inverter AC, Split AC, or a window AC. To help you choose the most energy efficient and best AC model for your household we have prepared a list of best and most energy-efficient air conditioners in the market.


So without further ado, let’s just jump right into it:


Best Air Conditioners in India


5 Best Air Conditioners in India


  • LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – 1st Best Air conditioners in India


This AC is equipped with the Duel tech which helps it to cool the room faster and at the same time save electricity too. It is also well-equipped with 100% copper condenser coil which makes it exceptionally durable. This copper condenser has adequate ocean black protection from the corrosive elements such as salt, sand, industrial smoke, and pollutants. It also features the Gold Fin condenser which is an anti-corrosive technology which greatly increases the overall life of this AC. The Active energy control system with the inverter compressor saves costs and energy. It also features a low refrigerant detection system which makes sure the room stays comfortable by detecting low refrigerant levels.


It also features a Monsoon comfort technology which guarantees that it can control humidity. The automatic clean up facility ensures that there’s no mold collection as switching on this system keeps the heat exchanger completely dry.


The Hi-Grooved Copper fights off heat better and can take high pressure thereby increasing the life of the AC. It does not contribute to global warming with its R 35 refrigerant.


  • Daikin 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – 2nd Best Air conditioners in India


This Daikin AC features a Neo Swing inverter compressor which functions on a better heat exchanger tech hence enhance the longevity of the AC and makes it a lot more durable than any of its peer. It is also equipped with the Econo Mode technology that assists in controlling the Max power consumption. This is a new generation AC, we say this because it comes with a self-diagnostic system that detects any issues automatically and shows the concerned code on the remote LCD. It has a built-in stabilizer which protects it from wide voltage fluctuations in the range of 161V to 264V.


For ensuring the best AC experience the manufacturers also installed the Coanda Airflow system in it. The air draft it made in a way that it does not falls on your head directly, but it steers upwards towards the corner.


For providing maximum output on low power consumption this AC is rated 5-star. The R32 refrigerant present in it decreases the carbon emission and protects our environment.


  • LG 1.5-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC – 3rd Best Air conditioners in India


This is a 3-star AC which functions on an inverter compressor that works on the active energy controlling system whereby it saves a lot of energy without giving away the performance.


This one also comes with a Gold Fin condenser which is specially designed for Indian conditions. The insulation in this ac is in the form of an ocean back system that gives top-notch protection from corrosive agents as diverse as moisture, salty air, domestic pollutants, and industrial smoke. Its latest Low refrigerant detection system keeps the room completely comfortable. The cooling system names Himalaya Cool technology cools the room in the shortest possible time.


Just like every other modern AC this one also comes with the monsoon comfort technology which keeps the humidity away in case of heavy rainfall outside. Due to its auto clean feature, the heat exchanger remains dry. The vents are positioned in a way to ensure that air does not blow on your face but it directed towards the ceiling.


It also features an in-built stabilizer which protects it from voltage fluctuations and electrical surges.


  • Blue Star Split AC 1.5 Ton 4.75 Star – 4th Best Air conditioners in India


The P-Series AC’s offered by Blue Star are some of the most efficient and energy saving models in the Indian Market.


Here are some of its features:


The main feature of this Split AC by Blue Star is the precision cooling feature that allows it to get the accuracy up to 0.10C. Its dual rotor inverter compressor improves the cooling functions which take less energy thereby enhances efficiency and reducing the costs. It has brushless DC motors which ensure quieter operations at high speed thereby enhancing the efficiency of AC. These motors function on electronic commutation technology the makes them more dependable than any usual engine. For cleaning purposes, this AC features seven advanced filters which automatically remove pollutants and release pure air in the room.


The 4D swing lets the AC perform uniform cooling while the copper condenser coils enhance the lifespan o the AC. It uses R410A refrigerant which makes it environment-friendly.


  • Samsung 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC – 5th Best Air conditioners in India


Samsung is a widely accepted brand because of its amazing after sales services that it offers to its clients. This Air Conditioner by Samsung comes with an 8-pole digital inverter that results in less consumption of power as compared to an ordinary model. It Aluminum condenser coils works just as great as the copper coils. It Dura fin Anti-Corrosive coating gives this model extra protection. It improves the performance of the heat exchanger due to its denser material.


Just like every other entry in this list this one also features an in-built stabilizer to protect it from random fluctuations. It also has a Good Sleep mode which automatically adjusts the humidity, moisture, and temperature, the three vital ingredients of great sleep.


Its compressor protector prevents any overloading of the compressor which as a result enhances its performance.With this our list for some of the best AC’s for this summer season has ended, we hope It will help you to choose your ideal AC.


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