Best Microwave Ovens in India!

on May 06, 2019

Choosing a suitable microwave oven is a difficult task. You might get stuck between the looks and capacities. In this list, we have got the best microwave ovens that you can buy in India. Everything that you need to know about each product from the capacity to power rating, technology used to cook menus, keypad type to other features are mentioned below. Don’t worry, we kept the looks of the ovens in mind so you won’t be disappointed by looks of any of the microwave open on the list. People usually forget to ask about the power rating on different modes, we also mentioned that for almost each product. The prices might vary a bit, according to the discounts provided and regions but that would not have a big difference. You do not have to go out and check every microwave oven in the stores because these surely are the best products available in the market.


Best Microwave Ovens in India

Best Microwave Ovens in India


Let’s get started with the best microwave ovens available in India.


  1. Kenstar KJ20CBG101


Kenstar starts its pace by keeping first position in the list of best Microwave Ovens in India with this product. This one is a convection microwave and features comprehensive options.  You will get 101 auto-cook menus and comes with 3 different types of combination cooking functions. It also has an anti-bacterial cavity and can reduce the growth of bacteria by almost 99% and keeps the cooking hygienic. It comes with combo function and has mechanical knob control along with lemon clean function. It has quite a large grill stand so you can grill much more stuff than some other microwave oven and also integrates express cooking within. It features 20 litres of capacity.


  • The presence of 101 auto-cook menus, Anti-bacterial cavity, Express cooking.


  • Lesser capacity


Price - INR 8400/-


  1. LG MC2844SPB Convection Microwave


It is a large 28ltr capacity microwave and comes with 5 power levels. It has got a touch keypad input system and comes with multi-function cooking. You will get ever bigger menu that is 151 auto-cook menus including 101 Indian menus. It highlights hardened steel depression and has snappy defrosted choice incorporated inside. It utilizes an intensity of 1950 watts for convection and 1200 watts for the flame broil.


  • Large capacity, Touch keypad input system.


  • Heats slower than other pieces in the market could see further improvements.


Price – INR 14290/-


  1. Morphy Richards 23MCG


Got 3rd place due mid-range available in best Microwave Ovens in India which keeps good specs and comes with a large number of functions and options.


It’s a convection microwave and features 23 ltr of capacity. The oven comes with stainless steel cavity and has combination cooking option. It has 10 auto cook options and 5 power levels along with child lock feature. It also comes with overheat and sensory protection. It uses a power of 1300 watts of microwave and 1200 watts on the grill.


  • Great feature line, decent capacity, 10 auto-cook options and child lock system, Easy to operate, Heats up the food quickly.


  • Grill uses more time than other MCG Ovens, The presence of a lot of combinations can be cumbersome at times.


Price- INR 9203/-


  1. LG MC2881SUS


This one is a large 28 ltr capacity equipped microwave oven from LG. It features 131 auto-cook menus and has 87 Indian Menu among it. It also has a quick defrost option within it. It features stainless steel cavity and has 5 different power levels. The oven comes equipped with two-stage cooking and cooking completion alarm. It has motorized rotisserie and healthy fry option. It uses a power of 3100 watts and runs on a voltage of 220-240 volts.


  • Attractive design, 131 Auto Cook Menu, Large capacity, cooking completion alarm


  • It is a bit heavy.


Price- INR 16,310/-


  1. IFB30SC4 Convection Microwave


It has 30 letter capacities and comes with the combi-tech. The microwave has 10 power levels and features speed defrost steam clean and multi-stage cooking. It has 101 cooking menus along with auto reheat and deodorizes. It uses a power of 1400 watts for microwave, 2200 watts for convection and 1250 watts for grills.


  • Large capacity, Presence of 101 cooking menus, Speed defrosts and steam clean system, express cooking.


  • Creates more noise while functioning than others.


Price- INR 11799


  1. IFB23BC4 Convection Microwave Oven


It has a 23-ltr of capacity and comes with multi-stage cooking and weight defrosts. It has 71 auto cook menu and features steam clean option. It sports stainless steel cavity and has combi-tech feature. It comes with LED display and 10 power levels along with 10 temperature levels and recommends you to keep this one in the list of best Microwave Ovens in India.


  • Great performance, light weight, defrosts system, Power saver.


  • Could further see some improvements.


Price- INR 11499/-


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