Best Running Shoes for Women!

on May 22, 2019


Running shoes can help you catch your running goal- whether it is just a 100 meters sprint or 5 kilometers running a marathon. If you are a female runner and looking for a great pair of shoes for running, then you must be careful with some factors which can get in your way. The biggest warning for women- Don't try to fit your feet in men's running shoes- both men shoes and women shoes are totally different, period! Not only you should take care of your foot size, but also your heel should fit tight plus your toes must be breathable. As men have wider heels, so you must not go along with men running shoes. There are many brands selling some brilliant pairs. To choose out of them is a tricky task, so here we have listed some of the best running shoes for women which you can buy


Best Running Shoes for Women

Running Shoes for Women

List of Running Shoes for Women


1. Nike Pegasus 35 Women’s Running Shoe


Nike Pegasus 35 is just made for female runners put up at number one in the list of best Running Shoes for Women. This running shoe from Nike comes with a very soft Cushion foam midsole which gets along with the female foot and makes the landing soft rather than too hard regardless of the surface. It is not the first shoes by Nike Pegasus but the 35th. By this, you can easily guess how popular these pieces are! The new 35th editions come with new features which were feedbacks from the athletes especially. The new collar design makes your foot's back comfortable. While the upper mesh is the same, better cushioning in the shoe has made the shoe better and flexible.


2. Asics Gel Nimbus


Asics has been known for its tennis shoes and running shoes all over the world. We have seen many athletes wearing Asics in their feet all the time in the field. Gel Nimbus is one of the most popular product by Asics which is in the market for the last 20 years. It is known for its comfort, cushioning, and how it fits in every foot- even in the slimmer foot. It is not especially the women model as it has the equal following in the males too. The newest generation of Gel comes with new cushioning and giving you comfortable plus tight fit in the mid. The upper mesh has gone under some changes to give you better running and moving with your feet.


3. Adidas Solarboost


Adidas's Solarboost offers a secure fit to the runners in the mid when it comes to running- so that you don't feel that you are losing your shoe every time your run. It is a great shoe even in the long marathons- all thanks to the fiber reinforcement which provides a sock-like fit. The heels are designed in such a way that all the pressure is absorbed by lower mesh and at achillies, it feels very less pressure. These are very classy plus comfortable running shoes which can be relied on when it comes to any running stage.


4. New Balance 1080v8


New Balance is widely popular for its sportswear and its shoes are world-class when it comes to comfort, lightweight and design. The new 1080v8 is a great beginner shoe if you are starting to go into running. Yes, it is hefty but is great for even 5k marathons. It looks hefty but is very lightweight to keep you going for the same speed for a long time. You don't feel this pair itching or giving you a tough time in your feet while you are running. This one pair can give you years of its life- thanks to the lightweight and excellent design. The upper mesh is stretchable which can give your foot enough space to breathe and make it comfortable under the hood. It is a brilliant choice if you are planning for long stretch of run on any surface.


5. Hoka One One Cavu


Cavu is one of the best running shoes in the market for women. Whether you want to run a marathon, go to the gym or go to work, this pair of shoes gets along with everything you wear and still looks nice. Moreover, it gives great value for money. Yes, it looks heavy but actually, it is not. It is one of the lightest shoe in the market- all thanks to the cushioning in the heels which is softer than cotton. For a better start- what runners call it as push-off- at the toes there is a firmer ride. The upper mesh is brilliantly designed which makes it a complete all-rounder- looks, comfort, and training- all check!


Conclusion about best Running Shoes for Women


Finding best running shoes for women will be quite easy after reading article given above, where you see top online website or even at retail store near you serving all the bestselling models of these companies.


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