Best Tourist Place in Karnataka Coorg, Kabini, Jog Falls, Shimoga and Bangalore!

on April 26, 2019

Tourist destinations in Karnataka spell sedation and allure. Some of these destinations are famous, while some are not appreciated that much. The geographical locations of this state ensure diverse tourist destinations in Karnataka that are mesmerizing enough to knock out the travel thrust of each and every traveler out there.


The quintessential and historical state of Karnataka covers a major place in the tourism of India. Locked in the middle of the Western Ghats, Kannad coast, and Deccan Plateau, the state is filled with temples, hills, riversides, caves beaches, lakes, coffee estates, ruins, waterfalls, and a lot of enticing tourist spots.


To uncover the state’s actual beauty, acquaint yourself with this awe-aspiring, best of the best destinations to visit in the state of Karnataka.


Best Tourist Place in Karnataka


Here is the top 5 best tourist place in Karnataka you should not miss out on trip:


  1. Bangalore – The vital tourist place in Karnataka


Bangalore, a beautiful city of people and culture, is one of the most well-known places to visit in Karnataka. It is well known as the IT hub of our country this city provides an international ambiance and people from different region settle in this city for work purposes.


Bangalore has comfortable and pleasant weather all around the year and so it is a great destination to travel to in Karnataka during summers. Filled with wildlife, ruins, nature, museums, architectural wonders, and beautiful gardens, Bangalore is a great treat for travelers and tourist.


Popular tourist destinations:  Bangalore has a lot of different destinations to offer for every traveler and tourist, each of these destinations has a unique charm that will leave anyone in awe. Major attractions of this city are Butterfly park of Bannerghatta Biological Park, Lalbagh glass place, Bangalore Palace, Wonder La Amusement Park, Tipu sultan’s summer palace, Aerospace Museum, and ISKCON temple.


Best time to visit: Undoubtedly, from October to February are the quite pleasant winter months in Bangalore that makes the best time to visit the city. ..


Nearest Railway Station: Bangalore has its very own city junction which is called Bangalore city railway station which is located in the middle of this city.


Nearest Airport: This city also has its own international airport which is called Bengaluru International Airport.


  1. Coorg – Lose yourself in the aroma of fresh Arabica coffee beans


A beautiful but not so popular hill station, Coorg is well known as the Scotland of India. Its awe-aspiring beauty makes it one of the most astonishing destinations to visit in Karnataka during summers. Gifted with coffee states full of aroma, lavish greenery covering the mountains, Coorg does not fail to charm its each visitor.


Thrilling treks combined with the winding trails of the spice and coffee farms give a visit to the elephant camp, wildlife sanctuaries, coracle rides in the river, monasteries, and local Madikeri market – all of this together makes in exhilarating and fascinating holiday destinations.


Popular tourist destination: Iruppu Falls, Abbey Falls, and Bylakuppe are some of the most loved destinations. Along with this Monastery, the second largest Tibetan settlement of the country, Nagarhole national park, and Dubare Elephant camp come in close seconds.  For nature lovers and adventure freaks, thrilling coracle rides, and a Brahmagiri Peak chettalli in the nearby river are the great attractions. And do not forget to pick some of the best spices, coffees, and vanilla stick from Madikeri Bazaar.


Best time to visit: Of course, you can start your trip from October to March is the best time for all kinds of adventure activities mainly for trekking. March and April are the preferred months to explore all around the valley covered in white flowers.


Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station from the Coorg is the Mysore Railway station which is around 106 Km away. Hassan and Mangalore railway stations are also close to this city.


Nearest Airport:  The nearest airport for the Coorg would be the Bangalore airport. You can visit the beautiful hill station from Mangalore Airport which is 135 kilometers away.


  1. Kabini – Rejuvenate and Relax by the riverside


Kabini is one of the most tranquil and picturesque tourist destinations in the entirety of Karnataka. This city is situated near the bank of the river with a similar name. The river Cauvery is a tributary of Kabini. The place is located on the edge of Rajiv Nagar national park, Nagarhole national park, and Bandipur Forest; hence, provides a great opportunity for a wildlife experience.


Also here if you are lucky enough you can spot, leopards, tigers, wild elephants, different species of deers, and several nomadic and residential birds, during your wildlife safari or while boating in the river in the nearby jungles.


Popular tourist destination: There are a lot of tourist destinations you can visit in Kabini and here are some of the highlights of this amazing city’s tourist destinations. Boating at kabini River, Nagarhole National Park, traveling around Kabini dam, and the hilly surroundings of Kutta covered with spice and coffee plantations.


Best time to visit: Without a doubt, between November and January is absolutely the best time to discover wildlife and another best time to visit Kabini is July and October when the forests turns a swanky emerald.


Nearest Railway Station: You can easily get to the Mysore Railway station which is only about 10 kilometers away from this city.


Nearest Airport:   Again, the Bangalore international airport is the closest airport you can find and this is about 250 kilometers away from the city center.


  1. Jog Falls – Where a Wow from the bottom of the heart is the only reaction


Jog Falls locally famous by the name of Gersoppa falls, Gerusoppa falls, and Jogada Gundi is the second highest waterfall in India. Created by the Stream of Sharavathi River dropping down from an altitude of 253 m, the jog falls are divided into four different segments namely Rocket, Raja, Rani, and Roarer. They give off one of the most beautiful and breathtakingly gorgeous destinations in Karnataka.


The tourism department of the state has developed steps – around 1,500 in number – from the top viewpoint till the bottom of the hill. It is from the bottom that one can get the most alluring view of the waterfalls from up close. For their enchanting sound and beauty of gushing water, Jog place is a destination you can’t afford to miss out on in the Karnataka during the summer season.


Popular tourist destinations:  Tunga Anicut Dam, Linganamakki Dam across Sharavathi River, and Thavare Koppa Lion and Tiger Reserve center are the popular tourist places nearby.


Best time to visit: Throughout hot seasons, temperature around Jog Falls touches maximum 32 degrees Celsius, and the minimum to be 23 degrees Celsius. This is really a best time to visit Jog Falls.


Nearest Railway Station:  You need to get down at the sagar station if you want to reach the jog falls which is around 28 km away.


Nearest Airport:  The closest airport from the jog falls is Hubli Airport which is around 133 km away from the falls.


  1. Shimoga – The flourishing foliage describes it better


The cultural capital of Karnataka, Shimoga, is a beautiful and colorful destination which is enriched with beautiful waterfalls, fertile lands, and lush green forests. Its tranquil ambiance and verdant greenery make it one of the best destinations to visit during your Karnataka trip. River Sharavathi, River Tungabhadra, River Kumadvathi and River Varada, have formed picturesque river valleys here in this destination. This destination is well known as Gangas, Kadambas, Rastrakutas, and Vijaynagar kings reined this region.


Best time to visit: The best time to visit Shimoga is during winter season. Starts from October to March.


Popular tourist destinations:  The elephant known as the Sakrebyle is also extremely popular here in this city, in this camp you can experience bathing and go to the professional training sessions with Elephants.


Nearest Railway Station: This destination has its own railway station called Shimoga Nagar railway station, so you do not need to travel to long distance to catch a train.


Nearest Airport:  You can reach the Domestic airport of Shimoga in just 10 minutes’ drive from the city and it is connected with Delhi and Mumbai. The closest international airport is Mangalore International airport which is at a distance of 195 kilometers from the city.


Well, with this our list of best tourist place in Karnataka has ended, we hope it will help you out in planning your holiday to the great Karnataka.


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