Best Water Purifiers in India - Reviews

on April 30, 2019

Drinking fresh and pollution free water is one of the most vital things that help us to stay healthy. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best water purifiers in India for home. Almost everything nowadays is affected by pollution whether it would food, Air, or water. It is all thanks to the water purifiers that we can drink water that is free from any type of bacteria and pollution.


Best Water Purifiers in India


If you are thinking about buying a good water purifier this year than here is the list of top 5 Best Water Purifiers in India for Home:


Top 5 Best Water Purifiers in India



  • Havells Max Eight-liters UV+ RO - 1st Best Water Purifiers in India


Havells is also a well-known brand for water purifiers in the Indian market. It utilizes both RO and UV technology to supply pure water. All of the water purifiers by Havells are well-known for their amazing physical design.


Here are some of the features of this water purifier model by Havells:


•    Full 8 liters capacity
•    RO + UV technology
•    It restores lost minerals with its Mineralizer
•    It restructures the water molecules with its revitalize
•    It is great purifier in Budget


This water purifier by Havells utilizes the double water purification system to provide 100% pure water. The RO membrane removes the bacteria, TDS, viruses and other impurities from the water. The UV purification system eliminates any remaining viruses and bacteria to make sure you get 100% pure water.


Other cool features include quality food grade storage tank and amazing exterior design.




•    Excellent designing
•    Amazing design
•    100% safe water guaranteed with its double purification system
•    Restores lost minerals with its Mineralizer function




•    It needs heavy maintenance, especially in the places where TDS levels are high
•    It is pretty expensive compared to other water purifiers


  • Kent Grand Plus Eight Litre Mineral RO – 2nd Best Water Purifiers in India 


The grand plus model by Kent is equipped with RO TM technology combined with TSD controllers to make sure you get the purest water. Kent purifiers are specially made after considering Indian household condition and they can easily purify municipal water supply and groundwater with ease.




Here are some of the pros of this model:


•    Perfect for Indian households
•    Eight liter capacity
•    Advanced double purification
•    Equipped with RO TM technology




•    Every RO purifier wastes a lot of money


  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus -3rd Best Water Purifiers in India


Eureka Forbes is yet another well-known brand of water purifiers and other home appliances. This water purifier also features double purification technology just like the above-mentioned one to make sure you get 100% pure and tasty water.


•    6-liter capacity
•    Double purification RO + UV technology
•    Energy saving mode
•    MTDS controller


This water purifier by the Eureka Forbes is able to purify all types of water including bore well, well water, and tankers.


It has a six-stage water purifying system that consists of:


•    For eliminating large impurities it has a pre-filter.
•    To dissolve organic contaminants and eliminate poor odor it has a chemi block with built-in particle trap filter. 
•    To prevent scaling of dissolve salts like calcium and magnesium it features and Membrane life enhancer.
•    To eliminate hardness of water, TDS, and remove large metal particle like lead and arsenic it uses RO membrane.
•    Then the taste enhancer feature comes into play to recover the minerals lost during the process of RO filtration.
•    TO remove the bacteria and viruses from the RO purified water the UV disinfection chamber comes into play


Its smart design features LED indicators which highlights all of its activities like lack of water supply, Purification process, and any issues with the machine. It is made in design which is suitable for wall mount and countertop placement. For an average Indian family of four members, its 6-liter storage should work pretty well.


Its RO cartridge can filter up to 6000-liter water and the presence of the TDS controllers make sure that the lost minerals are restored which are usually lost in RO filtration process.




•    Amazing design
•    Six-stage purification process
•    Perfect 6-stage purification function
•    MTDS feature to replenish the natural water taste




•    Like any other water purifier, this one also wastes water
•    For a large family, its 6-liter storage is not sufficient


  • Blue Star Aristo RO + UV Seven Liter Water filter – 4th Best Water Purifiers in India


The blue star in a well-known name in the Indian market for its durables manufacturing and now it has also launched its water purifier.


Aristo water purifier by blue star also features the six-stage purification process that consists of pre and post carbon filters, pre-sediment filter, UV lamp, RO membrane, and the special aqua taste booster to enhance the natural taste of your water.


It also features a seven-liter storage tank which is suitable for storing water for an average Indian family, and it also features a child lock function to stop wastage of water, and system alerts.  These alerts include Tank full, purification on, UV fail signals and low pressure.




•    Best purification with six state processes
•    Seven-liter Tank
•    Automatic Alerts




•    Needs Regular Maintenance
•    Doesn’t functions on low pressure


So, these are some good choices to look out for when purchasing a water filter this year, we hope our list will help you out in choosing the right one for you.


  • Livpure Glo 7-liter Mineralizer + UV + RO Water filter – 5th Best Water Purifiers in India


As compared to Kent or any other entries of this list Livpure is a new competitor in the market. However, these purifiers are specially designed for Indian conditions hence they can handle any type of water pretty easily.


•    Seven-liter capacity tank
•    UV + RO purification system
•    For restoring the taste of the water it also facilitates Mineralizer
•    Six stages of advanced purification system
•    Affordable price which any average family can buy


It functions on an advanced system that is a blend of ultraviolet radiation and reverses osmosis to make sure it gives 100% safe and tasty water. To improve the taste of the water and replenish the minerals lost in the purification process it also features a Mineralizer.




•    Again it features a six-stage purification system
•    For a small Indian family, its 7-liter engine is quite sufficient




•    Livepure’s after sales facility is poor
•    Wastes water due to RO process


These are best water purifiers in India you must buy if you are interested.


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