CompTIA A+ Certification: Most Effective Tip to Launching Successful IT Career

on September 05, 2020

A career switch can be an electrifying experience, but it can also be worrisome if you lack the right strategies to help you make a seamless switch to a new niche. A combination of a proper vision and the right resources will help you ease your way to the top if you play your cards right. To help you explore your possibilities at the entry level, we have compiled a short guide to the CompTIA A+ certification and its related exams. Let’s start by highlighting what the IT industry has for you at the entry level.

Making First Steps towards IT Career

The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing niches today and getting started in this field is easier than you think. Recently, students have made a killing even without a college degree. Listed below are some of the best credentials you can enroll in to help you jumpstart your professional journey:

CompTIA A+ Certification: Is It Worth It?

The A+ credential is the minimum requirement for launching an IT career. It offers the easiest route to excellence in top tier jobs by validating your experience with networking tools, security concepts, and cloud computing technologies at the most basic level.

Today, the CompTIA A+ certification holders are established problem-solvers who can manage core technologies in an extremely challenging IT landscape. If you want to verify your technical knowledge in the digital world using an industry-recognized standard, opting for the A+ badge is a must.

A+ Exams: What Does It Have for You?

The CompTIA A+ certification requires learners to attempt and pass two exams, Core 1 also known as 220-1001 assessment and Core 2, which is 220-1002 in other words. These two tests assess a huge variety of networking and security concepts at the foundational level.

 To begin with, learners must be familiar with baseline security concepts, the configuration of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac, the troubleshooting of core services, and the configuration of mobile, IoT, and PC hardware. Also, you should be well-versed with the implementation of data backup and retrieval methods, supporting IT networking and basic infrastructure.

Are You Qualified to Take Core Assessments?

If you are preparing for a career at the entry level as a PC service technician or an IT specialist, taking the A+ exams would be a brilliant decision. This CompTIA credential targets students and individuals with no prior IT background and looking to make a vital first step in their career growth.

Bottom Line

Have you considered the possibility of switching to information technology? If so, then make a name for yourself by adopting an effective study approach that will help you obtain the CompTIA A+ certification easily. Investing in the IT badge is akin to investing in your future. So, complete your training today and land an entry-level job as you work your way to the top.

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