Epic places in Nicaragua you cannot miss

on March 26, 2021

So you are headed on vacation in Nicaragua, a country in Central America where beautiful valleys are interspersed with jagged mountains and volcanoes of all sorts. Here you will find water bodies, both calm and raging, splitting and gorging rocks to create marvels of natural wonder.


 Yes, Nicaragua abounds in natural wonders. If you adore nature and have an adventure muscle that is as rugged as the rocks, you have come to the right place. If you have a spirit that is as fluvial as the exciting rivers, you will find solace in Nicaragua. The place gets its name from the chief, Nicaro, of an indigenous tribe near Nicaragua’s present-day lake.


There are several freshwater lakes in the country, but lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake. The original inhabitants of the lake called it Cocibolca, meaning the sweet sea. The lake has a fascinating geographical history if natural origins are what you are interested in. The lake gives you one of the greatest examples of natural adaptations that happened on earth. The sweet sea was part of an ocean bay until it was split into two lakes because of a volcanic eruption. The ocean fish that thrived on saltwater adapted to the freshwater lake. Lake Nicaragua is the only freshwater lake containing sharks, swordfish, and tarpon, the kind of marine animals you would see in an ocean.


While planning your trip, you should understand that the country has a lot to offer to everyone depending upon the kind of holiday you enjoy. If you have the soul of an adventurer, there are hiking trips on treacherous and rocky volcanic mountains. If you are into history and love to see landmarks, old cathedrals and enjoy the local culture at the same time, there are places in the Nicaraguan cities that you can visit for a relaxed holiday. The country offers numerous opportunities for pictures and videos. You can capture your trip in a video for memories and use InVideo to edit them. InVideo has a lot of features that will enhance your video and have an aesthetically pleasing video. You can choose from video templates so you can edit with minimal effort.


Places to visit in Nicaragua -


Isla Ometepe


The island is in Lake Nicaragua and is adorned with two volcanoes - Concepcion and Maderas. If you are in excellent physical form, love hiking, and want to rough it out, you can consider Concepcion. This is where you can find a combination of farm highlands, jungles on the way with troops of howler monkeys, and some beautiful wildlife in this area.


It is an active volcano, and you can see into the crater. The last few meters to the summit are quite steep, and you can experience strong winds on the top. However, every step you plant carefully is worth the effort if you would like to experience crawling over lava stones. They can be hot!


The Volcan Maderas is for the brave of the heart, strenuous and treacherous. Descending can be tricky because the path is strewn with loose gravel.


Image by jenglehorn from Pixabay


If you are the play-it-safe type of traveler, you can appreciate the local crafts in Playa Santo Domingo and buy souvenirs. You can explore beaches and white sands and indulge in playing volleyball, boogie boards, golf clubs, and take surf lessons.


Somoto Canyon


Somato is about an hour and a half drive from Esteli. Canyoning through Somato Canyon can be a magical experience for those who seek adventure on vacation. The hike to the mouth of the river along bushy trails can leave you spellbound, especially when your blood is pumping in anticipation of what you are going to witness next. After you enter the river, you swim in the Coco River that is adorned with massive rocky cliffs on both sides. Floating on the back, watching tall rocks around you can be the most magical experience. You can stop wherever it is safe and jump into the water, look for quartz and jade to make artistic pieces of jewelry. The entire six-hour journey comprises floating and swimming downstream, watching tall stone arches and cliffs pass by. Visiting bats that are swooping and soaring around make it an out-of-the-ordinary adventure trip.


Other than the canyon, while you are in the area, you could also consider visiting an inner park, Iglesia cathedral, Cerro De La Cruz, and the local artisans to see the exquisite pieces of art that they make. Nowadays, Instagram video editors enable you to create beautiful videos that you can share with your family and friends. Happiness is incomplete if not shared with the world around you.


Masaya Volcano


An active volcano can be one of the most picturesque sights, especially when you are surrounded by darkness. Masaya volcano is one of the only three volcanoes on earth where you can see a glowing lake of lava. Bubbling hot, molten, red lava making hot waves that you can see so close and be ready to run away should an emergency arise is what makes Masaya volcano worth an adrenaline-pumping adventure.


It is believed that an active volcano that would erupt at any time instilled fear in pre-colonial people's minds. People believed that human sacrifices could diminish the fury of Masaya.


Laguna de Apoyo


Laguna de Apoyo was formed in a volcano crater and is the country’s deepest and cleanest lake. Here you can relax on volcanic sands and dip into the warmth of the lake powered with thermal energy while you enjoy traditional Nicaraguan music played by locals in restaurants. You can swim,  go kayaking, use tubes and sailboats, or relax in a lounger or a hammock and immerse yourself in the serenity of the laguna. There are no motorized boats or jet skies allowed to preserve nature and enjoy the way it should be. You can also enjoy frigates, egrets, fisher kings, motmots, and other wildlife.



Image by grebmot from Pixabay


Islets of Granada


Islets of Granada are a group of 365 small islands in Lake Nicaragua, close to Granada. The archipelago in the lake is a natural wonder formed because of the eruption of an active volcano. What resulted from the eruption is a string of little islands that have become home to locals in the area. You can see beautiful homes and lovely hotels on private islands. The islets offer a wondrous experience as you spot a bounty of birds that you can spot as you slowly boat in the calm waters. There are ospreys, kingfishers, egrets, herons, and so on. If you have had a jungle dream, it does come true when you visit these islets.


More Places to Visit


There are numerous other places to explore in Nicaragua. These include the corn islands, street art and art galleries, museums, houses over 300 years old, San Juan del Sur and beaches, and numerous other destinations that you can choose from. Rio San Juan is the largest rainforest north of the Amazon. The country is untouched and is not as widely explored. The rustic charm of Nicaragua invites you to revel in its beauty. So go ahead, plan your trip, and collect timeless photographs. Nicaragua must be known to more and more people looking for a pure and rich getaway in culture. The people of the country are warm and friendly, and crime is still unheard of.