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Fair and Handsome Laser 12 - Reviews, Prices, Benefits & Side Effects!

on April 22, 2019

In collaboration with Technology Leaders, Fair and Handsome have brought one of its unique laser action technology skin creams for Men which designed for whitening of the face through targeted action. Working on melanin production at sources starting from 10 second to 6 month phase under this product timeline and moving toward intense whitening action. According to company, it is also fighting again oily skins to give bright and rejuvenated look to men along with overall refined skin texture.


Fair and Handsome Laser 12


What is Fair and handsome laser 12?


One its unique product by Emami which is an advance version of Fair and Handsome, which is all in one transformation for men with even tone for men face in which company claims Fair and handsome laser 12 have powerful benefits for men skin starting from Instant Brighter Look to reduced Marks and Blemishes with even tone on men face.


Fair and handsome laser 12 Review and How to use?


To make review on Fair and Handsome Laser 12, I had purchased it from the market at Rs. 115 for 30gm packing and used it for almost 3 week where I feel primarily this cream is working well and not sticky on skin. As soon as entered into sun it start removing due to sweating and remained some white spot on my face and surely there is no matte finish after applying this cream. Not only sun I had tried this cream in Air-conditioner at home and office as well, but It have given me similar kind of experience like as soon as you come out from home or office it will dissipating from face. I would recommend to go with Fair and Handsome fairness cream of men over this one, as Laser 12 is costlier the former and didn’t give results accordingly as expected.


How can Fair and handsome laser 12 be used?


Like normal cream applies, I had cleaned my face thoroughly with face wash and also wipe face with it in order to unclog your pores and remove any leftover dirt. Then applied fair and handsome laser 12 gently using corners of my fingers on everywhere on my face.


Fair and handsome laser 12 Prices?


Available in 3 packaging in the market 15 gm, 30 gm & 60 gm at the prices of Rs. 55, Rs. 125 and Rs. 225 respectively. You can buy Fair and Handsome products easily in combination of Black and gold tube packing.


Fair and handsome laser 12 Pros:


  • Available in tube packing (15 gm, 30 gm & 60 gm)
  • Easily available everywhere online as well as offline stores
  • Give no sticky experience
  • Working well for oily skins for 3 to 4 hours initially


Fair and Handsome Laser 12 Cons:


  • Little costlier than previous version
  • Not good for oily skins for long hours
  • Not effective for matte finish as company claims




Recommend to buy Fair and Hansdsome Fairness cream over laser 12, as you can get better results in cheaper price where people are looking for best technological results.