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Fair & Lovely Face Wash Men Max Oil Control Fairness - Reviews, Prices & Benefits!

on April 27, 2019

 Now fair and lovely has made quite a number of men’s skin care products as well since men are also getting aware of the skin products and their importance these days. So, now they have launched their new Fair and lovely max oil control fairness face wash for men which is infused with multi-expert beads that assist in deep cleaning the skin impurities and dust from the hard male skin. This gives our skin and smooth and oil-free look.


If your face starts looking dark and oily right after stepping outside of your house then ordinary soaps are not going to do the trick for you since they only give a feeling of cleaning your face, but after few minutes your face gets back to being oily and dark again. This fair and lovely men max fairness face wash not just deep cleanses dirt and oil from your face but also provides you a long lasting fairness effect with its unique fairness vitamins.


Fair & Lovely Face Wash Men Max Oil Control


Fair & Lovely Face Wash Key benefits:


  • Gives instant and long lasting fairness
  • It is suitable for all types of skins
  • Give a smooth and fresh feel
  • Cleanses skin deeply and makes it permanently fairer


Fair & Lovely Face Wash Price:


You can easily get its 100g pack in just 150INR from any departmental store as well as online shopping stores like Nykaa, Amazon. You also can use some latest Nykaa coupon and offers for best discount via India Shoppers.


Fair and Lovely Men Max Fairness Face Wash Review


It comes it a travel-friendly tube packaging and is extremely easy to use. I love it because I can carry it in my gym bag as well. It has a light bluish color and has small beads that are somewhat like menthol since they give off a cooling smell.  All and all it is a great face wash for instant fairness.


How to use Fair & Lovely Face Wash Men Max


I personally use this face wash just like you’re any other face wash. Thus, guys, I am not going to tell you how I use it. But this leathers perfectly and cleanses the face nicely. I mean to say the oils, dust, and greasiness that we built up throughout the course of daily life this face wash assist to clear all that in just one wash. I personally love the feel of cooling sensation and the fact that it makes the skin squeaky clean in one quick wash.


I would like to tell you all that this product actually does what it claims to do such as offering cooling freshness, smooth oil-free feel, etc. but it does not provide fairness that lasts for a whole day. What I mean to say is that it does cleanse out the oil and dirt of my skin which makes it looks brighter but it does not stop the formation of oil and collection of dirt due to which the fairness does not last long.


So, ultimately what I want to say is it is a great face wash but you should not expect the skin whitening and fairness claims. For the men with the oily skin issues this face wash works wonders but for those with dry skin, this is not the best face wash to use in the winters. Though you should give it a try and check for yourself whether it suits your skin or not but as far as my experience goes this is not great for a moisturizer for dry skin.


What I loved about this face wash is its consistency and texture because of which you do not need to take a lot of the product. You just need a pea-sized amount for a single wash.


Pros of Fair & Lovely Face Wash- Max Fairness Face Wash Oil Control Fairness


  • It comes in a Travel-friendly pack and is also easy to use since it does not require too much water to rinse
  • Affordable and inexpensive price makes it a good buyInexpensive and affordable price, ideal for college students
  • This face wash does not make the skin too oily or dry
  • Your skin will feel matte as it deeply cleanses the skin
  • It has cooling crystal which enhances the refreshing feel
  • Skin looks matte and bright
  • Great from both oily and normal skin


Cons of Fair & Lovely Face Wash- Max Fairness Face Wash Oil Control Fairness


  • You do not get the long lasting fairness
  • Might not suit peoples with dry skins 


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