Is Dota 2 Worth Playing in 2021?

on March 22, 2021

When it comes to the world of MOBA (mobile online battle arena) games the one that appears top in the list is DOTA 2. It is basically one of the pioneers of MOBA games. It started all the way back in the year of 2013 and even to this day, DOTA 2 remains one of the most popular MOBA games of all time.

But over the years, we have seen a lot of ups and downs in the number of players playing the game, when the game is at its best, we see some huge spikes in the popularity and concurrent players but when it goes down, we could really see some major fall in the number of players. Due to these constant fluctuations, players are starting to wonder if the game is actually worth playing? Is it even worth spending so much time over? And some even think that the game is basically dead.

So, in this article we are going to look at what the stats are saying about this game and especially if the game is worth playing in 2021. And for that we have decided to make a short list of the major the Pros and Cons that are working either in favor of the game or against it.


Hard Learning Curve (Cons)


MOBA games are known for their hard learning curves which takes a beginner, days or even weeks to just get used to the game mechanics and from their compete with other players that are already on top of the food-chain, to make your mark and climb up ranks.

DOTA 2 is not exception to that, it is one of the most difficult games to get into as a beginner. You would have to spend hours, days or even weeks to get used to the whole mechanics of the game and wrap your head around the gameplay. This step is like the do or die situation, you would either give up learning or you would get hooked to the game after a few hours of action-packed gameplay or even buy DOTA 2 boosting to get you through the initial hardships of the game.


Never Gets Old (Pros)


Now this might sound a little cliché but DOTA 2 has so much to offer to its player once you get into the game and understand what the game is all about. There are over 100 heroes to explore and believe me, it takes a while to get to know all of them but the gameplay is so rewarding that you’d eventually get too hooked up and spend hours playing the game, especially with all the updates and features that just keep on coming.


Rich Content (Pros)


The best thing about DOTA 2 is that there’s so much to explore like the Jungle Creep Camps, Talent trees, Ancient creep camps, team fight matchups and so much more that is sure to keep you busy for a long, long time.


Should you play DOTA 2 in 2021?


Now there are a lot of factors contributing to the popularity of the game but if we look at the stats, we could see that DOTA 2 still has a lot of players that are still loving this game after all these years and even according to the google trends DOTA 2 isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.