Reasons Most People Procrastinate and the Countermeasures

on September 17, 2020

The signs and symptoms of procrastination are apparent. Are you having challenges concentrating on a task, or you’re feeling too overwhelmed? Are you get tired and worry about writing a paper and would love someone from essay service to help you with it? Are you living a life with no set goals or full of unrealistic goals? Do you often find yourself believing in negative beliefs more and always feel bored? If you’re experiencing these, don’t just visit the doctor yet. You’re not sick, rather an engrossed procrastinator. All you should do is watch out for these reasons people procrastinate and master the tricks to prevent them.  

Have no Idea of Where to Start

The fear of the unknown that creates blurred images on your mind whenever you think of starting something is the reason behind your procrastination. Chances are you’re experiencing the same problem as everyone else, which is not knowing where to begin and how to do it.

You can get started regardless of the challenges by getting advice from friends or even writing down what you want to do and the steps to follow.

Tasks Feel Bigger and Harder

When you’re procrastinating, every task feels harder and bigger. You always wait until the due date when you only use the available resources to get the jobs completed. To get bigger projects completed on time and with minimal hassles, endeavor to begin them in the morning and have a strategic plan.

We Hate the Truth

You’ve heard people say that they always work smart and quick when under pressure. In reality, nobody needs pressure to work smart and fast. Those are just ugly fat lies people use to camouflage their laziness. People are never afraid of failure instead of work. You can’t merely fear something you know nothing about. It’s the work you already have at hand that’s weighing you down. Just plan your work and ignore all the lies you’re giving about your inability to start a task.

Don’t Value a Task

Most of us complete tasks in order of how valuable they’re to us. So, it’s not unrealistic to find people scheduling tasks they consider unimportant for a late date. That often results in most of us being forced to work against short deadlines. Under no circumstance should you procrastinate or feel weighted out by any task thrown your way.

Work against time instead of how you value specific tasks. It does not make sense to delay a job doing nothing just because you feel it’s not very important. It’s always better to schedule off any tasks you feel don’t add impact to your life.


When procrastination has reached the chronic level, you’ll always find yourself looking for easy and fun things to do, which could take your time away from your daily schedules. People who spend the most time in social media sites doing virtually nothing, besides browsing different profiles and posts, are often chronic procrastinators.

Don’t allow apps that don’t generate you money at the end of the day, waste your time. Even if it’s a must you visit these sites, it would be safe to have a set schedule on when you’ll want to visit such sites.

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