Romantic Things to do in Galena, IL

on February 23, 2021

Galena is a little city in Illinois, US - it is known for the Galena historic district that holds many significant buildings and architecture.

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Things to do in Galena


There is a lot to do in Galena if you’re looking for something exciting. You will have something to do no matter what your taste is.


P.T. Murphy Magic Theater:


Do you love watching magic shows? The P.T. Murphy magic theatre is addressed at Hill Street of Galena. You can watch P.T.Murphy doing his tricks - the theatre holds only 24 seats, but it is always full. The magician invites the audience to participate in his magic tricks. Enjoy the storytelling by the legend himself.


Galena Grant Park:


Visit Galena Grant Park and adore the city's natural beauty, it is located at Park Avenue. The park has beautiful fountains, cannons, and statues. It is a perfect spot for taking a peek into American history. The park has many war artifacts from civil war, world war I, soldier memorials, Ulysses S Grant statue, and a gazebo. Carry your cameras, as the park is a photo-booth in itself.


West Street Sculpture Park:


If you are artistic and want to explore really Galena, the West Street Sculpture park is where you want to be. It is located on S. W. Street; the park is spread over a 2-acre land covered with trees and steel sculptures. The garden has two 40-foot towers, Tinkertoy, and funny collages. Don't forget to visit the onsite studio, where you will find artist John Martinson working. Artistic pieces are available for sale if you want to buy souvenirs.


Places to eat in Galena


Do you love food? Try out these places.


Goobie's Sports Pub and Eatery:


Located at N Main Street, Goobie's will serve you the best Chicago-style pizza and gourmet sandwiches. The ambiance features live music, and constant sports live channels screened on giant TVs & karaoke. The place holds patio-styled seating arrangements with wall murals depicting history. We suggest you try their Italian beef, calzone, deep-dish pizza, raspberry vinaigrette, and french fries.


Frank O'Dowd's Irish Pub and Grill:


It is located at US Hwy 20 W - experience the most authentic Ireland pub vibe - the interior is carved out from rich oak and mahogany. Also, the place features exclusively designed glasswork with hand-painting on them. Don't miss the various variants of Irish whiskey when you're here. As for food, try having fish & chips with a Reuben sandwich, shepherd's pie, nachos, and chicken bacon wrap.


Little Tokyo Restaurant:


Craving for authentic Japanese Food? Little Tokyo in Galena, IL will fulfil your craving - they are known to serve some of the best Japanese food in the Midwest. This little restaurant gives you pleasant and cosy vibes. It would be best if you tried having sushi, deep-fried rolls, spicy tuna, fuji mountain roll, Christmas roll, and banana tempura with ice cream.


Places to stay in Galena


Irish Cottage INN & Suites:


If you want a romantic stay in Galena, this hotel is for you. Centrally located at U.S. 20, there are several tourist spots nearby, such as the P.T.Murphy Magic Theater, a great American popcorn company, and Ulysses S. Grant home. They serve you with amenities like a pool, workout rooms, jacuzzi, a business centre, Hiking, Wi-Fi, bar, and spa. The per-day cost ranges from $130-$150.

Alice Snyder House Bed and Breakfast:


Located at 3rd Street, Alice House is a few minutes’ walk from psychic medium Chris McBrien and a 10-minute walk from Murphy Magic Theater. The hotel has very aesthetic rooms and the hotel has an antique decor. Alice Snyder House provides amenities like WiFi, spa, pools, golf course, breakfast, and fitness centres. The per-day cost ranges from $100-$150.




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