Top 10 Best Food Delivery Apps in India!

on May 15, 2019

After the technology has launched off in India, the incoming of food delivery apps has changed the scenario too. Now, you can stay tight on your couch, order your food on any food delivery apps and wait for food to come on your doorstep like magic. Yes, it is happening and it is a cool way to have food. There are many food delivery startups in India now giving you these benefits to have food of finest restaurants without stepping out from your house. If you are a lover of this automated tech for eating your food, then we have done just the job for you to give you some of the best food delivery apps in India. So, here we have listed the best 10 food deliver apps in India you can order your food from


1. Swiggy App


Swiggy is the best food delivery app- no doubt in it. It is one of the food delivery apps which can give you anywhere. If you find for the food delivery app near me, then Swiggy comes on top. Swiggy takes orders from the customers arrange food from the near buy hostel or restaurant and then deliver it to your doorstep. It is one of the best food delivery apps in India. The app has over 10 million plus downloads in the Google Play Store and is rated as the No. 1 online food ordering app in India too. If you are ordering food for the first time or are new to Swiggy, you might get your first five orders at 50 percent of the total cost.


Swiggy Food Delivery App


2. Zomato App:


Founded in 2008, Zomato doesn't lack behind when it comes to the best food delivery apps in India. This food delivery app is only operating in the major cities of India and is the biggest competitor of Swiggy in India. This food delivery app takes orders from the customers and then provide food to them by arranging it from hotels and restaurants. Not only India, but Zomato is also operating in 25 other countries including Australia and the United States. So, users can place an order from nearby restaurants through Zomato.


Zomato Food Delivery App


3. Uber Eats App:


Uber Eats is another popular food delivery app in India. Like its prefix name says- yes, this is a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, Inc. Although, this app is only available in major cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, and others. So, if you are living in such major cities and search food delivery apps near me- then you might get Uber Eats as an option. Not only India but Uber Eats also operated in 1000+ cities around the world. Just like any other app, you order food from any nearby restaurants which get delivered in a very quick span. You also get offers on the first delivery which will surely fantasize you.


Uber Eats Food Delivery App


4. Foodpanda App:


Foodpanda is a popular food delivery app in India. Not only Foodpanda operates through a mobile app but also through its website. Foodpanda is operating in many countries around the world- I guess the exact number is 43. Although it is not an Indian based setup as it’s headquarter lies in Germany. That's why you don't get the food delivered in remote cities but only major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and others. You also get some offers on this app when you place your first order.


Foodpanda Food Delivery Apps


5. Domino’s App:


Domino's is known for its cheesy and delicious pizzas. Not only pizzas but the sides you get with them, Domino's does the water your mouth with the smell of their food only. Domino's is a pizza delivery app basically and you can also get your pizza ordered through a telephone call. You can get various coupons through the app and choose your favorite pizza and sides from the nearby Domino's restaurant. It is one of the best food delivery apps in India and you can get Domino's restaurant anywhere- so you can get pizza deliveries in any city you want.


Dominos Food Delivery Apps


6. Pizza Hut App:


Pizza Hut is another huge pizza delivery chain. Not only in India but all around the world, it is believed that Pizza Hut gives you the best pizza. Although it is not as cheap as Domino's, as they say- quality doesn't come at a low price.  This global pizza delivery app operates in many countries around the world. In India too, Pizza Hut operates in many major cities to deliver your favorite food and pizzas. From pizzas, kinds of pasta, beverages to sides, Pizza Hut delivers everything very fast to the customers and this is what makes this food delivery chain one of the best in India.


Pizza Hut Food Delivery App


7. Just Eat App:


Just Eat is another world-class food delivery app. Yes, it is not a renowned app in India. But, it is surely a world class food delivery app which delivers food in 13 countries in every continent. As it’s headquarter is nestled in London, England, Just Eat has not fully settled in India. You can order food from the local restaurants through this app and place and pay for orders online and pick up from wherever you want. It only works in the major cities though so you might not find this in the remote cities. It is also rated as a Top food delivery app in Mumbai.


Just Eat Food Delivery Apps


8. Faaso’s App:


Faaso’s is another good food delivery app in India. Founded in 2011, Faaso’s has found its way on the top. In the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and others, this app has a huge crowd ordering food through this app. Faaso's app runs on every OS platform- from Android, iOS to Windows. The app easily gets 10,000 plus orders every day in India. The app operates in 15 cities of India. You can order food from the app easily. On the first order, you can get a little amount of discount. Also, Faaso's keeps some rewards to the loyal customers- it comes under its Faasos Elite programme.


Fassos Food Delivery Apps


9. Travelkhana App:


Travelkhana is a great food delivery app in India. So, if you are traveling by train and want to eat something, you can easily order food through this app. TravelKhana app is available on both iOS and Android platform and provide some quality food to its customers. TravelKhana caters food to more than 250 stations and provide food in more than 4000 trains. Just provide your trainPNR details, berth number and the station where you want to get food at, you can easily get your food delivered. It is a unique app in India and was founded in 2012. But due to its unique behavior- delivering food in trains- it is one of the best food delivery apps in India.


Travel Khana Food Delivery Apps


10. FreshMenu App:


Freshmenu was founded in 2014 and has emerged as a huge and popular food delivery app in India. You can get your food delivered at your office or homes form the finest restaurants nearby your workplace. The app is operating in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Delhi only. You can get freshly prepared food for you and try new foods every day. You can track your food online, customize your food, and alter your paying options too- online or cash on delivery. Not only this, you can also schedule your food and get your food whenever you want.


FreshMenu Food Delivery Apps