on August 07, 2021

Kashmir was once called Heaven on Earth and one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the last few years, terrorists have lost their charm. Kashmir is now home to the Himalayan Ranges. But, Kashmir saw the highest number of tourists in its history. You will want to return time and again to Kashmir because of its beautiful scenery.


The famous Dal Lake, where you can stay in houseboats, a five star luxury beyond the hotels that offers you the options to choose your cuisine according to your taste and enjoy your meals while looking at the hustle and bustle of the Dal. You can also see the Shikaras and Kashmiri handicrafts such as shawls and woodcarvings that is just one more reason to include Jammy and Kashmir in your Kashmir Tour Package.


These are the top reasons you should visit Kashmir.


1. Beauty: It is evident that Kashmir has breathtaking views that make it difficult to return home. The beautiful Tulip, Nishat and Chashma Shahi. Mughal gardens, the fantastic hill stations like Gulmarg Pahalgam&SonamargKashmir has it all


Leh Ladakh, also known as the Biker's paradise, is a sight to behold! The valley is filled with majestic mountains, lush greenery and blooms of pinks.


The elegance is mainly due to the Chinar trees, which paint the whole canvas in many colours. These skies are excellent azure with cotton-like ivory clouds. The magic the valley wreathes one with accentuates the quaint charm of houseboats or Shikaras of Dal Lake.


2. Weather: To beat the heat, the summer heat can be scorching, and the temperature in many cities is above 40 degrees. Kashmir is the ideal place to escape the heat!

People from Delhi and Mumbai love the beautiful views and exotic hills of the mountain ranges. You will surely love Srinagar's pleasant weather.


3. Adventure-sports: For those who love adrenaline rush and adventure, Kashmir is the ideal destination. Jammu and Kashmir have top-quality sports like golfing, river rafting, skiing, etc. Lakhs of international tourists flock to Kashmir primarily for its extensive range of adventure sports.


4. Shopping: Jammu and Kashmir's capital, i.e. Srinagar, has a wide range of traditional handicrafts, leather items, shawls, blankets and other goods, including dry fruits, saffron, etc. You can also find the floating market onDal LakeThis is a must-have for all Shopaholics.


Lal-Chowk's Sunday Market is one of Srinagar's best. You can find quality products at affordable prices. Jammu is a market that specializes in Leather Goods. Remember to bargain at all markets in J & K.


5. There are many cuisines in Kashmir. Wazwan, The multi-course Kashmiri Muslim meal of samosa is highly respected. Its preparation is an art and it demands your review.

Some of these are:

- Rogan Josh (lamb in red sauce)

- Yakhni is lamb cooked in the curd-based sauce

- Tapak Mans

- Matschgand (minced Lamb)

- Goshtaba is extra-minced meatballs in cream sauce

- Qabargaah is also known as Tabakhmaaz by the Kasmiri Muslims; it is very similar to Roasted Lamb.

- Syoon Pulaav (Meat Pulao)

- Modur Pulaav (Sweet Pulao) is usually served as a dessert.

- Fyodor Tschaman (Cottage cheese cooked in a turmeric-based sauce)

- Dum Olav (Whole Potatoes in Red Sauce).

- Muj Gaad (Fish and Radish)

- Nadir-Waangan (lotus stems infused with Brinjal).

- Nadir-Haaq/Gogji/Monji (lotus stems cooked with Spinach or Radish)

- Rama Gogji (Kidney Beans and Radish)


Other popular cuisines include Kahwah (GreenTea) and Noon Chai. Kashmiris love tea. Different households can prepare more than 20 types of Mahwah. The unheard "Kamal Kakri Ke Pakore", near Nishat Gardens, Srinagar, is a must-try. There are many types of Kebabs in Kashmir. Non-Vegetarians will enjoy the delicious Chicken, Kebabs and many other dishes. 


However, nothing can compare to Lucknawi Kebabs. (Seriously)


Many people have Kashmir on their bucket lists but don't plan to visit the area because of the current situation. I experienced the same issue during my trip, and what I found was utterly different to what is being said. The media can certainly be blamed for this. Kashmir Valley was visited by a record 10 lakh tourists in 2011 gives you an idea. It is now relatively safe. Enjoy the beautiful views in the valley. I hope you enjoyed this article.