YouTube TV Free Trial & Coupons

on November 26, 2020

YouTube TV has become an excellent platform for users to enjoy Live TV and live sports. You can consider a service to be great if Google provides it. But with excellent reputation comes great responsibility. If you are still not convinced, worry not; google provides users like you with a  YouTube TV Free Trial & coupons that you can use later to get the best deals. 

You can consider YouTube TV as a replacement for your regular cable provider, as it provides access to major sports, news, and entertainment channels; all LIVE. But it is just not a cable TV replacement, and it also offers on-demand video services from many popular channels and services. 

With a collection of more than 90 channels, YouTube TV can be considered an excellent Cord Cutter service. But can it justify its monthly fee of $65 a month!  Well, you can always have the YouTube TV  Free Trial. How? Let’s get into it. 

How to Get the YouTube TV Free Trial? 

If you are one of those people who prefer to get a free trial of any service before buying a subscription, [You should always do that. Some services are not really worth spending money on. And Every penny saved is a penny earned]. The process is pretty much clear-cut and similar to other Free Trial Registrations. 

First things first, if you want to use YouTube TV on any device, you download their application.  Once you get in the app, you will see a dialog box that says “ TRY IT FREE”. Click on it. 

After you click the button, the application would ask you to log in to your Google Account you want to use.

After you select your account, you will get to the page which allows you to add all the extra (premium) channels if you want to.  [Remember- All the premium channels have different Free-Trial periods, make sure you check them correctly.]

Clicking Next will take you forward to the Payment Page. Don’t worry; YouTube TV will not charge the subscription right now. It is just a standard registration procedure for a free trial [More of a sales tactic]. If you do not want to get charged, you can always cancel your subscription, before the end of the trial period.  

Note- YouTube TV may charge you a minimal amount, just to confirm if your account is active for payment. The amount gets refunded in no time. After entering your payment details, click on “Start Free Trial.” 

BOOM! You are in. You now have access to a collection of more than 80 channels including [Sports]-  NBA TV, CBS Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, ESPN 2, NFL Network 
[News]- BBC America,FOX News, MSNBC.  CNBC, CNN, and many more. 
[Entertainment]-  Cartoon Network, The CW, FOX, National Geographic. 

YouTube TV Promo Codes and Coupons:

YouTube had increased the subscription fee from $50 to $65 after it added several top-tier channels. And if something comes at the cost of $65 a month, it can not be considered cheap. 

The digital age has made millennials work hard when it comes to finding ways of saving money and nothing better than Coupons. 

Youtube Tv Promo Code – Get 35% Off YouTube Starter Kit! 

14- Day YouTube TV Free Trial Coupon

  • If you are hesitant about spending the $65 Fee, you can opt-in for the 14 Day Free Trial. CODE- No Code Required (Auto Apply at Sign Up) 

Get a free Chromecast 

  • Buy one month of YouTube TV Subscription for $65 and get a free Chromecast with google TV (Value- $45). Offer exists till stocks last. CODE- No Code Required (Auto Apply at Sign Up) 

YouTube TV Promo Code Roku

  • If you own a Roku, nothing like it. You can have access to more than 40 channels at $35 a month. CODE- VIDCON2018- 2D5D6HHMNDGC

Unlimited Free DVR Storage

  • You can get unlimited DVR Storage for free! Use this coupon to activate this offer instantly. CODE-No Code Required (Auto Apply at Sign Up)  

Conclusion: Is YouTube TV worth $65 a month? 

While you may think that the base plan for YouTube TV is a little bit on the higher side, you should also keep in mind how your cable operator rips you. 
YouTube TV comes from Google Inc. which has a reputation for providing incredible services and YouTube TV is no different. Our team has thoroughly gone through the app and feels that it caters to a great experience for its users. 

With cable TV becoming more and more obsolete, YouTube TV definitely deserves a chance to replace your conventional cable, and what better than a YouTube TV Free Trial. Make sure you share your experience with us!