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About EasyRentCars Offers with Coupons, Promo Code

Established in 2017 under Easy Tour International Limited available in more than 200 countries across the globe having web as well as mobile version since April 2017. In April 2018, another free service, Tantu Map, a free offline navigation app, was launched, which help user to make car booking in 100,000+ locations where more than 5 million people are enjoying its services with multilingual versions, for providing kinds of choice, better deals and most competitive rental price.

Today EasyRentCars is partnering with over 900 car rental companies, including the multinational brands like Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Alamo and some local car rental companies such as Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car in the US, YESAWAY in New Zealand and Thailand, NISSAN Rent-a-car in Japan, EasyRentCars have a wide range of car types, from mini to ultra-luxury, from sedan to minivan. Furthermore, users can book car rental deals with various types of insurance packages. User can enjoy amazing car booking experience with EasyRentCars Coupons and Promo Codes to grab best discounted rates on each travel booking.

EasyRentCars Coupons & Deals with new or innovative way?

With easy price drop proctor and excellent user experience you can find EasyRentCars Offers amazing which can be used to make car rental rates quite betters. You can go through some of best services which is quite unique its own way.

Excellent user experience with EasyRentCars Promo Codes

EasyRentCars ensures that each of our users is not challenged for comparing diverse offers and finding the best deals owing to our unique target-searching algorithm and concise interface. Detailed landmarks classification, user-friendly searching filter, transparent insurance information, all of which guarantee a fast, precise shopping experience for our customers. Never miss chance to apply EasyRentCars Coupons which can be used by each new or existing users.

Price Drop Proctor with EasyRentCars Offers

Price Drop Proctor is to help customers get lowest price for rental. Similar to the airline and hotel prices, car rental rates change constantly. It's difficult for customer to know whether he booked it at the right time to get the best deal or not. Price Drop Protector is an exclusive program for registered members of Easyrentcars.com that allows customer to lock in savings if the total price of his car rental drops after booking. EasyRentCars re-book for him, and the customer can get the best deal and save money with EasyRentCars Offers.

Membership system with EasyRentCars Coupon Codes

EasyRentCars just announce our membership system to the public recently. Similar to the membership system in clothes brands or shopping malls, users of EasyRentCars can get points from the action they do, such as register, complete order and write a review. It has different membership levels based on how many points the customer gets. Different levels have different benefits, such as discounts, EasyRentCars Coupon Codes, and birthday bonuses. And with the development of our membership system, our members can enjoy more kinds of benefits.

Detailed classification in pick-up location with EasyRentCars Offers

EasyRentCars provide several kinds of pick-up location for customers, not only airports, but also other places for convenient rental services, such as train stations, landmarks, or hotels. Depending on the location customer searches, e.g. Rockefeller Center, EasyRentCars provide the closest rental stores in page directly, with all the useful information such as the detailed address of the store and open time where you can also enjoy applying EasyRentCars Promo Codes which is quite easy to apply at checkout page.

Multilingual-version localization with EasyRentCars Discount Offers

In addition to the existing English, French and Japanese versions, EasyRentCars will be launching more language versions this year, such as German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and so on. All the multilingual-version settings are based on the local user's search habits. The Japanese, for example, are used to searching by clicking on a destination rather than typing it. And this habit is very different from that of people in other places. Based on these usage habits, EasyRentCars localize our multilingual sites in an attempt to provide a more comfortable experience for these users. In these countries too you can get unique EasyRentCars discount offers which is available from various banks and local e wallet companies which makes your journey quite easy and comfortable for booking cab through EasyRentCars.

EasyRentCars Customer service

Users can contact EasyRentCars customer service team by online chat, email and phone call with multi-language support. No matter where our users are, when they have a problem, what problem they have during the rental process, they can easily ask for help. No matter what the users use, PC or App, they can directly use the online chat to talk to EasyRentCars customer service team.

What saving opportunities have you seen with EasyRentCars?

Growth of global partners : With the development of EasyRentCars, EasyRentCars build partnerships with more car rental companies and travel partners. In addition to the well-known global car rental companies Sixt, Hertz and so on, EasyRentCars also have some exclusive partners, such as Hondarent and Car Rental Hokkaido in Japan, ACE and AUZ Rental Cars in Australia. As a trusted partner, more and more companies are willing to become our partners for giving more choice to our users which provides amazing EasyRentCars Coupons to users.

Growth of global penetration: With better services and more options, EasyRentCars' user base is growing rapidly. Compared with 2017, the number of users increased 7-fold in 2018, and the number of orders increased 11-fold. With the establishment of multilingual websites, more and more people are willing to use EasyRentCars to plan their trips. Take the Japanese as an example. EasyRentCars were initially used by a small number of Japanese because of their different search habits from those in the US and Europe. But that changed after our Japanese site was launched. The number of users in 2018 is 11 times that of 2017. Our goal is to help more people book their trips easily.

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