Cashback Facts

• Whether can I get idea about exact cashback rate for the purchase wish to make?

• Why is the tracked pending cashback only an estimate?

• Why does CD Cashback take so long to confirm?

• If I had not shopped at any ecommerce and just made a recharge which cannot be returned or cancelled; why do I still have to wait for 12 weeks?

• It is possibility like there is no cashback on purchases being made?

• What happens once my cashback is cancelled?

• What is the difference between pending and available balance?

Cashback Issues

• My cashback was not tracked at all, what do I do?

• Why is my cashback pending for so long?

• Why was my confirmed cashback different from pending cashback?

• Why was my cashback cancelled?


• How can I ensure I get my cashback?

• A few of my transactions did not get tracked. Do I need to submit a cashback claim for each one separately?

• I do not have a proof of purchase, how do I submit a cashback claim?


• What can I do with my available balance? Does the money in my account expire?

• How do I withdraw my balance?

• What are the minimum withdrawal limits?

• Which stores do not allow me to withdraw cashback to a bank account?

• Can I transfer my balance to another account?

• I'm getting an error while withdrawing my balance. What do I do?

• I have not received my withdrawal amount.


• Why should I refer a friend?

• What is the joining/referral code field in the sign up form?

• How can I make my joining bonus available?

• How does my referral bonus become available?


• I want to change the email address on my account, how do I do this?

• How can I manage my email preferences?

• I want to close my account, how do I do this?

• Can I create more than one account on

• My query is not listed. What do I do?

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