How Cashback work?

We are an online partner with various brands to whom we are promoting where these online retailers pays us some commission fees against each sales given to them and based upon the commission received we provide the entire amount to our customers in the form of cashback. You will get experience of great saving for your each shopping through us, where you will get access to the best offers along with awesome cashback on those purchases. Available Indiashoppers discount codes in site with latest cashback helps you to earn and make maximum possible savings.


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Make Signup at Indiashoppers by creating a unique account with us in which all possible information requires to be filled. Now you will get complete access to all favorite online stores for the best cashback offers and coupons.



Just compare all the best possible options available on highest coupons, best deals or latest offers which one is right for your shopping at your desired stores


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There is no change going to happen, you will make same purchase. Just remove the cookies before shopping through us. We advise all our users to uninstall any special extensions before using Indiashoppers to avoid discrepancies in Cashback tracking. These extensions try to override the Cashback tracking cookie.


Earn Cashback

We also educate our users which claims that they have not received the cashback into their panel after their successful purchase through us, in which they might have visited any other coupon or price comparison site after you are re-directed from Indiashoppers. This might result in the other site getting credit for the sale and hence you will not get Cashback Kindly double check each time while adding products to your Cart/Wish list that its being done after visiting Indiashoppers only & shop at that very time Ensure to use Coupon Code listed on Indiashoppers only or directly on the Retailer site. If you will use codes available at some other place then might be we don't get credit for the sale and hence can't pay cashback If you are planning to make some shopping then kindly try to complete your transaction in the same session after redirecting to the retailer via

What are rewards ?
1. Rewards means?
  • Rewards are similar to Cashback only, in which few of stores offers Gift Cards rather than Money like Flipkart and Amazon which will allow users to get their amounts is to be redeemed through IndiaShoppers Rewards through choosing any kind of Gift Cards only.
  • Must be there are certain question will be in your mind if you cannot get your cash back in the form of money then how it will show, how it will be confirmed, how will you be paid, what if it will be missing. To answer all queries, we have brought certain FAQ answer for you.
2. Pending Rewards meaning?
  • Rewards will be displayed in your statement after shopping, as soon as retailers issue confirmation of respective transaction at their end. During Cancellation and Return period it will be into pending till the time that period will not be over, as soon as that period over, you can see based upon retailers confirmation either you will have credit into statement as an confirmation, which can be paid after next payment cycle with retailers. Or if you cancellation or return done then pending rewards will go into cancellation of Rewards too.
3. Confirmed Rewards mean?
  • Once successful transaction done and approval received for particular sales to IndiaShoppers then we will put that transaction into Confirmed Rewards which can be redeemed it as an Amazon / Flipkart Gift Cards.
4. Requested Rewards mean?
  • Once you can see the status of Reward into Confirmed, then you can apply to redeem as a Gift Card, then status will be changed to Requested Rewards, you will also get confirmation via email too with reference number
5. Paid Rewards mean?
  • As soon as it will be shared in terms of Gift Card to your email then status will convert into Paid Rewards
6. Cancelled Rewards mean?
  • As you aware sometime you have cancelled the order or return the order due to any reason, retailers side shows status to cancelations of order, then that rewards will be changed into Cancelled Rewards , as it will not be paid retailers to IndiaShoppers.
  • How to ensure that you must earn IndiaShoppers Rewards, just few steps which comes under Do’s and Don’t while using IndiaShoppers for best shopping experience, which will be requires to be followed by User before make shopping through us any Stores available here…
  • First Step should be Signed in as soon as come to IndiaShoppers
  • Based upon your interest, kindly understand carefully about offer descriptions along with others T&Cs related
  • Ensure that you are not doing shopping through your Mobile App as Retailers don’t pay for transactions made on Mobile Apps so kindly check T&Cs for this.
  • Ensure that you have read about Reward Rates carefully sothat you can avoid any confusion on Rewards amounts.
  • Double check at your end that you have not used any other coupon or price comparison site other than Indiashoppers.
  • You also ensure this by clearing browser cookies before shopping through IndiaShoppers.
  • You can also uninstall any others special extensions available at your browser before using IndiaShoppers to avoid discrepancies in tracking
  • Just move to add your interested Product into your Cart/Wish list before moving to Merchant also check you have gone through URL being shared by Indiashoppers only
  • Any other available Coupons at any site will not give you cashback or Rewards if it is not listed at Indiashoppers, so use only Coupons or Deals available at Indiashoppers only
  • Also ensure yourself that your transaction will be complete in the same session from where are redirecting to the retailer via Indiashoppers only
Would like know about Missing Rewards, check here with TOP FAQ:
    1. Through IndiaShoppers made a shopping but still waiting for Rewards email for it. What should I do now?
  • Incase shopping happen just 72 hours then you have to wait little more time, could be it will take more time, generally time taken for confirmation is 5 minutes to 72 hours for retailers to track sales. Incase purchase have been made 72 hour before but still waiting for amount to be confirmed then you can report us about Missing Rewards by issuing a ticket within 10 days from the date of transaction happen at your end with all necessary information requires into the form. If you have crossed your 10 days period then it will not be taken further with merchant.
  • If it is within due time, then we will take it up with Retailers as sometimes during tracking it fail to track a transaction on their end. Upon receipt of your proofs of transaction and others we will followup with them and attempt to get your Missing Rewards.
  • You can follow the process given below to log your report with us:
  • Log in to IndiaShoppers and can find a Tab of Missing Cashback tab. Click on "Missing Cashback", you can find exact status of all your existing Rewards enquiries, just follow at "Raise Ticket" button.
  • Our team will try to ensure that you will not loose your rewards and to serve you better please provide all the details asked into format so that we can take up your query.
2. Any reason to wait for 72 hours once done my transaction before submitting a Rewards query?
  • Generally it takes more than 72 hours at retailer end to track your transaction though it varies retailer to retailer only. So due to that retailer do not accept any missing tickets before the end of this period.
3. Trying to add a Rewards enquiry, but not able to see a certain retailer amongst my exit clicks list?
  • Latest tracking system designed to serve you better which check your each click when click out through our website to any of retailer but still could be a case you have not logged in to your system before visited the retailer through our website. Might be a case you forget to sign in so we will not be able to show in your exit click list.
4. While submitting Missing Rewards ticket what information you requires?
  • While raising a new ticket for your Missing Rewards, we would be requiring: retailer name, date, transaction amount, order or transaction reference/ID, and any other details into to comment box or remarks box which will help us to give proofs to retailer about your transaction happened.
5. Able to see some options related to my Missing Rewards Ticket what does that mean?
  • In order to serve you better for your Shopping experience with us, we have categoried your of "Missing Cashback" into various which is available in "My Account" page. Let us explain more in details about their meanings.
  • Received: It gives you message that we have got your ticket and will be sent to retailers to cross check and confirm about exact status.
  • Sent to Retailer: After processing/ validated at our end, the query being raised is sent to retailer to check and confirm.
  • Resolved: It will have 2 options, though your panel will have message Resolved, it could be either closed means Retailer have accepted your Rewards query and it will be updated into "My Earnings" section whereas if it will not qualified by Retailer then you get a email stating about Disqualify for Rewards.
  • Decision received from retailer's will be deemed to be final, as your rewards will also aligned through cashbacks. Incase our cashback is not approved so we will not be able to reverse it.
6. How to check the status of my Missing Rewards query?
  • Once you will make login to then you can have access to "Missing Cashback" section which contains complete summary of your existing Missing Rewards
  • queries if any. Respective to that query you can find "View" tab, click on particular query and check the comment available through us or you can also reach to us by that section only.
How IndiaShoppers Pays?
Question Related about Payments:
1. My Cashback/Rewards can be redeemed through?
  • Once shopping done, you can check about your rewards or Cashback into your summary of cashback or rewards within 5 minutes of your shopping through IndiaShoppers, could be possible it may take 72 Hours as well to show into Pending Cashback or Rewards Summary depending upon retailers to retailer where shopping is being done. It will come into confirmed status starting from 48 Hours to 90 Days, once it will be confirmed then you can choose 2 ways of redemption for your Confirmed Cashback either by choosing via NEFT Bank Payment or via Gift Card whereas for Rewards it can be done through Gift Cards only. Minimum limit set to redeem Rs. 250 in any of the case of Cashback or Rewards.
2. Cashback Redemptions way?
  • We are offering 2 options to convert your cashback; one is into registered bank account through NEFT or choosing options to get Flipkart or Amazon Gift Card, secondly we are also offer you to club your Confirmed Cashback and Confirmed Rewards to convert as a Gift Card if the total is Rs.250 or more
3. Rewards Redemptions process?
  • Here you have choice to redeem your Rewards through Gift Cards only, as soon as you will cross your total sum more than Rs. 250 then it can be opted to convert into Gift Card

Invite your Friends & Earn

1. Refer & Earn means?
  • We expect our loyal users to recommend us with good note and complement for us. Once you can being your friends onboard with Indiashoppers, it will also give you chance to earn cashback for every referral joined with us. For example you have picked the referral code from your account and its being used by any of your referral can give you opportunity to earning of Rs. 50 referral amount to your account for each members joined and becomes an active member, also member joined will also get Rs. 99 in cashback for themselves too.
2. How do I refer a friend?
  • Its very simple process, you just need to make login at and collect your referral links available in Refer and Earn tab through which you can make some money by getting new users for You can promote that links to your friends by email or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile.
3. Will I get a bonus for referring my friend?
  • is not a secret, you can share as much as you can make your friends and family too make our loyal customer and earn joining cashback of Rs. 99 and Rs. 50 for each new active users with us, ensure that you are promoting the right links and user must be active too after creating his own profile at The referrer must have at least Rs.100 in his account to earn the referral amount.
4. When does my pending cashback gets confirmed?
  • It can be redeemed as soon you will have Rs. 249 into your cashback wallet with confirmed status only.

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